Luigi Brambilla, CEO

Luigi has been in the renewable energy industry for the last 20 years. He has founded and run several companies and is a seasoned CEO, entrepreneur and has been on several boards.

In 2015 he founded both Brambilla & Serodio Ltd and EPS International Ltd have been very active in the renewable energy and environmental fuel business.

Before that, Luigi was the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Sulnox Fuel Fusion PLC in the Fuel Emulsion Business which also highlights his excellent technical skills and understanding of complex processes in the industry.

He was a board member of Eco Energy Holding AS (funded by Nistad Group Norway) and chairman of the board and CEO for Eco Energy Italy Srl. Back in 2000, he founded the company Eco Energy with which he began to sell and install the plants with HFO emulsion, mainly in thermal power plants. Technology was owned by an Italian company that was a pioneer in the development of fuel emulsions on the Italian market.

Before his entrepreneurial career, he worked as a Sales Manager for General Electric in the Northern Italy Area. Noticeably, Luigi Brambilla published three patents, the first in 2005 on new technology for the production of emulsions of water in oil, in the same year one for the reduction of NOx in combustion boilers by means of urea, the third in 2010, which concerned a new emulsifier for the production of emulsions. The first two were registered only in Italy, while the third has been registered in Norway, the USA, England production of emulsions. The first two were registered only in Italy, while the third has been registered in Norway, the USA, England.

Bill Condon, Senior advisor (MOB to be)
Bill began his career in advertising and has developed and refined his entrepreneurial skills in Asia over the last twenty years. Past business interests include food and beverage, publishing, the Internet and property. In 2004 he became Chairman of the Fundraising Committee for MedArt, a local charity that provided complex surgeries for babies orphaned in Mainland China with life-threatening medical conditions. This experience brought into focus the importance of positively contributing to society.

He is a founding Director of the Irish Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macau and a Director of the Ireland Fund for China. He is a regular contributor to China Daily.

He has been on the judging panel of the China Daily Newspaper Group’s prestigious national English speaking competition for the past 5 years. He has participated in every high-level state visit by the Irish government to the Peoples Republic of China over the last 15 years.

Financial data

Shares, price and market cap

Number of Shares:21 160 000
Share Price:6,30 €
Market Cap:136 080 000 €
Shareholder Pre IPO:Orcla LTD

Turnover (MEUR)

Sri Lanka2
LIBER8 332
Petland 300
Sri Lanka 10
ElGenie 22
Sri Lanka300
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