About Us

Liber8 aspires to be the leading sustainable energy company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. We will redefine the way sustainable energy sources are harnessed across the world. Present in Sweden and Sri Lanka Liber8 is powering a green future also utilising new financial opportunities.

Liber8’s extensive range of robust and reliable products and ideas is backed up by our expertise and the quality of our wind and solar plants to ensure optimum performance, higher yields and maximum return on investment.

Our shareholders will benefit from a consistent income, many dividend-paying stocks are in defensive sectors that can weather economic downturns with reduced volatility.

The Climate

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. A major effort is underway to limit the Earth’s temperature rise to 1.5°C, which would require the world to reach zero net CO2 emissions between 2030 and 2050. To become fossil-free within one generation.

Wind in Sweden

Wind power now accounts for 14% of Europe’s electricity generation. The energy industry is approaching a tipping point. Today, wind and solar power are the cheapest forms of electricity generation, and wind power has become one of the most important energy sources for driving decarbonisation. Liber8 offshore windmills in the archipelago outside Umeå will produce 210 MW, divided on 30 windmills producing 7 MW each. Building works start is planned Q2 2023

Sun power

Solar energy is a renewable energy that requires little operation and maintenance work and solar energy systems have a long service life.

Liber8s solar project is an effort to further diversify our portfolio and to increase our contribution to the production of renewable energy.